Friday, January 4, 2008

Jeniffer Ellison Sexy Photo

Jennifer_Ellison-Lingerie_Photoshoot_07, originally uploaded by dotcomdog.

Here is a very sexy glamour photo of celeb babe Jennifer Ellison.

Ellison is currently featured in Maxim magazine's Girls of Maxim gallery. She appeared in 1999 in a sexually suggestive shoot for FHM at the age of just 16, under the heading "Jailbait".

In 2005 Ellison was voted "world's sexiest blonde" by readers of the UK magazine, Nuts, beating model Victoria Silvstedt, who came second, and pop superstar Britney Spears, who was voted third. Ellison is also a regular in the yearly FHM "100 Sexiest Women in the World" feature.

On television show "I'm a Celebrity Get me back in!" Ellison was stripped naked and spanked by Jordan early in the series. She responded in kind, ripping Jordan's knickers off a day later and giving her a slap on the ass. This culminated in a brawl between the two in which Jordan gave Ellison a huge wedgie, pulling Jennifer's thong over her head and spanking her backside. Jordan was stripped naked as well with her pink knickers coming off her toned body once again. Ellison was left humiliated by the experience, and has been stripped numerous times in real life as a joke based off the incidents in the show. This earned her the nickname Jennifer "Can't keept her tiny knickers on" Ellison.

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