Saturday, May 10, 2008

Joanna Krupa will Star in 2008 Movie - Skinner Box

fdgkfgkgkju, originally uploaded by sweeeedberg.

While we're on the topic of upcoming movies worth waiting for - ultra sexy glamour model Joanna Krupa will play Samantha as the lead role in Skinner Box. Skinner Box isn't set to open until October 2008 but the idea is that sorority hopeful Joanna Krupa finds herself bound and gagged in the ER and the race is on to find her captor. Mark it on your calendar. I already give the movie 5 stars and I don't even need to see it yet!

Joanna Krupa is a popular glamour model who has posed in Playboy as well as nude for PETA. I expect to see more of this blond beauty on the big screen and on the runway very soon.

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